Boat Storage: Doing It Right

The summer is coming to an end, unfortunately. Hopefully, you’ve had fun enjoying the summer on your boat. But, as you prepare your boat for winter storage, follow these steps to ensure the safety of your boat.

1.Start With The Engine

Begin prepping your engine by starting with an oil change. Water or acids that may have gotten into your oil can corrode your engine while in boat storage. Make sure you change the filter, flush it out, and then add new oil. Repeat a similar procedure with your antifreeze, so your engine doesn’t freeze while in an outdoor storage unit. Lastly, spray your engine with fogging oil to also protect it during the winter.

2.Continue With Belts, Steering, and the Battery

As you prepare your boat for storage, your next step is to remove the drive belts. Otherwise they may crack under stress. Then, grease your steering and controls, so they are moving smoothly when you take it out of boat storage.Lastly, disconnect your battery so it doesn’t drain and die over the winter.

3. Take Care of Your Interior and Exterior

Make sure to remove any valuables, electronics, or organic materials whenprepping your boat for storage. Additionally, you’ll want to clean your boat and wax it. Then, your boat will be ready to go once it’s removed from storage.

If you are placing your boat in an outdoor storage unit, then you will need to use a cover to protect your boat from the elements. Covered outdoor storage solutions are also available for your boat at some storage locations, such as AAA San Marcos.

Stop by and discuss your outdoor storage unit options before you prepare your boat for storage. Ask about the storage solutions AAA San Marcos has for your boat.